New Microsoft tech Support Scams Popup

Please take care a new malware threat has been made apparent to Pc Paramedics and that is you receive a pop up on your machine that says something along the lines of WINDOWS VIRUS WARNING !, Identify Theft And Hacking Possibilities, Contact Emergency Virus Support Now 0-800-051-3723.

These are now  classed as microsoft tech support scams

Please whatever you do don’t follow through with ringing the number !!  ITS A SCAM

These new Tech Support pop-ups are caused by an ad-supported extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. It is distributed through many monetisation platforms during installation. The malicious browser extension is usually added when you install other free software (download-managers / video recording /streaming,  or PDF creators) that have them bundled into their installation.
When an adware extension is installed on your computer, whenever you will open a new tab within Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, an ad from Tech Support Scam will pop-up.
The Tech Support pages are usually malicious websites which is used by your lovely cyber criminals to promote their own remote support services. The Tech Support Scam pop-up advertisement will tell you that your pc is infected and that you need to call their paid support services to remove the infection. This is a complete lie, and an attempt to make you pay $199 or £199 for their malware removal “services”. If you have rang them then you will have probably been told you have 50 or so infections and they will offer you a 1, 2, 5 or lifetime support for ridiculous amounts of your hard earned cash.

They will want to take remote control of your computer usually through a program called teamviewer.

Please just stay clear of them.

Please visit

They will guide you through the safe removal of the fake pop up.

For further information please contact Pc Paramedics on 0808 1 601 701

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